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uses Artificial Intelligence and custom-built software to automatically catch camera view problems, camera/NVR/DVR misconfigurations or failures, and missing or not enough days of recordings.
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Why isdifferent?
Why invest in camera maintenance software?
Does your maintenance solution do it all?
Video analytics andA.I.
Manage surveillance assets better:
letmonitor for malfunctions so you can focus on security
Designed by Duke University Ph.D.s in Artificial Intelligence, this software-only solution provides critical alerts, current status, and historical information about all your devices, across manufacturers and clients, in a concise and standard format.features actionable and clearly written prompts to save you time in finding problems and how to address them.
70% Savings

Reduce personnel and associated management costs

97% Faster

Spend seconds- not hours -to know your cameras are healthy

99.9% Accurate

Our algorithm consistently finds unhealthy cameras, each time

and more
  • Safety
  • Risk minimization
is the solution you need
Compare the benefits of 's AI software solution to manual camera view verification
Objective verification
Easy to audit
Historical Record
Cost of additional verifications
Cost of verifying more cameras
Minimal service fee
Minimal service fee
Manual verification
More personnel cost
More personnel cost
Office space, equipment for viewing stations, VMS licenses, …
  • Distraction = miss camera view problem
  • More personnel can see all camera views including sensitive areas
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automation is fast
Automated verification saves you time by identifying the sliver of cameras with view problems for personnel to review. To review the cameras with view problems provides a systematized workflow in the graphical dashboard. Compare this with manual verification which involves:
  • Loading all camera images
  • Loading all reference images
  • Comparing each camera image to its reference image(s)
  • Problem reporting & resolution
  • Inspection training
  • Process quality control
  • Breaks / distractions
Use the tool on the right to estimate how long manual verification will take for your camera system
Calculate your savings

Manual verification
Time spent
Hours / Week
Staff required
Full-time employee

You can save
Every year
Each employee works 5 days per week while verification happens every day, 7 days per week
Based on an employee rate of $16/hour and includes employer costs such as taxes and health benefits
automation is affordable
With you do not need to invest in staff, managers, and viewing equipment. Automated verification does not require to be trained or to take breaks while verifying. It easily scales with your camera system size and can inspect your cameras multiple times per day. The process does not require active management, is easily auditable, and provides customizable reports of current and historical camera system performance automatically. To the left is a cost comparison between hiring personnel to check cameras vs using that shows at least 70% savings.
Over 70% savings with
Manual verification
automation is accurate
automation is accurate
uses pioneering AI and deep learning that is tuned to consistently identify when a camera view is unhealthy. Over time, it adapts to each camera’s conditions in order to provide the most accurate and actionable notifications.
For a person to verify the same number of cameras is time consuming. It is a detail-oriented and repetitive task and easily leads to fatigue. When that happens, the operator may forget the intention of each camera or otherwise review cameras too quickly and miss unhealthy camera view conditions.
Additional benefits
Reducing personnel means that fewer people need to have access to view your cameras. Cameras are installed in all areas of your organization including the sensitive areas. Automated verification removes the need for more people to have access to this intimate knowledge.
Minimize risk
's accurate algorithm and automated workflow eliminates the worry of missing video evidence. It reduces your liability profile by alerting you of “silent failures” before incidents occur. With , you can rest assured knowing that you can count on an essential piece of equipment (i.e., your camera system) while saving money and saving operational overhead on the manual, human labor that will only achieve a lower level of certainty.
is a must-have for any organization that values the importance of its video evidence.
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is AI (Artificial Intelligence) software developed for Duke University to automatically verify that security cameras continue to produce their intended video to improve safety and security on premises.