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Each year, over 50% of cameras have a view problem
You need evidence, not hope.
When there is an incident do you hope every part of the system was working and that footage is available?
You check it, but still unsure?
Are you spending hours each day verifying your camera system is working, but never quite sure it is actually working?
Do you check all system metrics?
Camera systems are complex and have many parts. Using generic IP monitoring software only tells you if cameras are up or down.
But, are you tracking other important metrics such as image correctness and recordings presence?
We automate checking your camera system's health
uses Artificial Intelligence and custom-built software to automatically catch camera view problems; camera/NVR/DVR misconfigurations or failures; wrong timestamp; and missing or not enough days of recordings. With you will save time compared to doing it manually and you will have peace of mind that your camera system has the footage you need before an incident.
ai camera view diagnosis: view is
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is AI (Artificial Intelligence) software developed for Duke University to automatically verify that security cameras continue to produce their intended video to improve safety and security on premises.

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