A solution to monitor camera system performance
is Artificial Intelligence, low-cost, easy to use, and highly accurate solution.
automatically inspects each camera and alerts you when the view is compromised by:
▪ Blur ▪ Tilt ▪ Tamper ▪ Obstruction ▪ Glare ▪ Black/blank screen ▪ More on request
It regularly checks the recordings, number of days of recordings retained per camera, the hard drive status and whether the DVR's/NVR's and VMS are live on the network.gives you peace of mind that your cameras are operational and that you are compliant. It will save you money by freeing up personnel time from manually performing this tedious, time-consuming, error-prone task.
User-friendly Dashboard
's simple user interface saves operators' time by streamlining the camera inspection process. You will also get reports, alerts, statistics and even work orders to make correcting your cameras’ wellness easy.
Ai-RGUS Dashboard
Inspection made easy
Our goal is to make it easy for you to maintain your cameras.
Key Features
  • Frequent inspection: hourly, daily, or weekly
  • Shortlist of unhealthy cameras provided for manual review
  • Customized reports of camera and/or image issues
  • Collects historical camera system health statistics
Installation requirements
  • On site Virtual Machine (Windows/Unix) to installsoftware to access cameras
  • Access to VMS or cameras directly (for ONVIF cameras)
  • is integrated with many VMS's (see list below)
  • Cloud-based user interface
  • OR
  • On premise user interface
  • OR
  • REST-ful API

is hosted on a US-based, SOC2/ISO 27001 certified cloud server & with a successful penetration test completion certificate on file.

 is integrated with
The list is growing by the day

Security Camera Software

Ticketing and Alerts


is AI (Artificial Intelligence) software developed for Duke University to automatically verify that security cameras continue to produce their intended video to improve safety and security on premises.

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