Why Camera View Monitoring?

  • Because cameras record useless video when left unmonitored !
  • To eliminate the situation where camera owners are left without the evidence they intend to have.

Our leading AI camera view inspection software finds view problems - and lets you fix them - BEFORE you will need the security video

Security cameras are installed with a desired field of view and visual clarity. But how can you be sure your cameras are continuing to produce the desired images?

Security cameras provide actionable evidence for victims and organizations in case of the worst.
Desired operating view
But camera view can change without warning and produce useless video!
Current (blocked) view

The Challenge of Camera Monitoring

Safety is compromised and liability is increased when camera conditions are not the same as the original desired image. To solve this problem, institutions implement a process of manually reviewing cameras, which is time consuming and error-prone. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to verify and audit if the task was really done and with what level of care.

The desired image can change due to many reasons:

▪ Moving of furniture ▪ painting over the cameras ▪ weather dirtying the lens ▪ bugs nesting inside the camera dome ▪ tilting because of car vibrations ▪ degradation over time ▪ and so much more…


Perfect picture

Get results, save time & money: Allowto find unusable surveillance images


Unusable pictures

Each year – 50% of cameras will have a view problem

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is AI-software developed for Duke U. to automatically verify that security cameras continue to produce their intended video to improve safety and security on premises.